Pitch Pockets

Pitch Pockets are flanged, open-bottomed, metal containers, placed around columns or other roof penetrations. They are filled with hot bitumen or flashing cement in order to seal the joint, thus blocking penetrations of the roof.
Pitch pockets are easy to install. You can simply open it up and wrap it around the roof penetration. All that is required is some light hammering to the corner lock in order to hold it together. This quick installation provides a water tight seal.
B&B Pitch Pockets are available with or without soldered corners.

Metal Pitch Pocket with Soldered Corners

Pitch Pockets with Soldered Corners provide a more consistent surface to apply roofing materials. In addition, it creates a tight seal for water penetration.

Pitch Pockets are flanged objects with open bottoms. They are typically used on roofs where penetration occurs. The Pitch Pockets are filled with grout or types of sealants that are used to block or stop penetrations of the roof. Pitch Pockets with soldered corners are used to create a full flashing surface.

Metal Pitch Pocket without Soldered Corners

Pitch Pockets without Soldered Corners are a more economical option and offer great stackability to keep the shipping costs to a minimum.

A Pitch Pocket without Soldered Corners is a great way to save in both production and shipping costs. The decision to use pitch pockets with or without soldered corners depends on your personal preference or on the overall look of your project.

Finish & Color


  • Can be fabricated in different materials, please contact B&B Sheet Metal
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