Surface Mounted Counter Flashings

Surface Mounted Counter Flashings rely on a bead of sealant at the top horizontal edge. Its sections overlap with ease for continuous counter flashing of wall terminated roofing.

When using a surface-mounted termination, such as a Surface Mounted Counter Flashing helps to ensure that there is a consistent seal at the wall interface — the surface above the termination must be waterproof.

2 Piece Surface Mounted Counter Flashing2 Piece Surface Mounted Counter Flashing profile

2 Piece Surface Mounted Counterflashing is made up of sections that easily overlap for continuous counter flashing of wall terminated roofing.

2 piece design provides a double weather resistant seal that is compatible and complements all flashing membranes. The pinnacle of waterproof protection!

Surface Mounted Counter FlashingSurface Mounted Counter Flashing profile

Surface Mounted Counter Flashings are made to cover a base or step flashing. They make for a relatively simple installation — by fastening the surface mounted counter flashing to the outside of the wall using a concrete fastener.

A Surface Mounted Counterflashing or Reglet is a capping piece that is mounted to the surface of a wall and has a caulking flange to receive caulking. Since you don’t have to grind out a raggle, surface mounted reglets are usually installed much quicker than a regular reglets. They protect the base flashings. They have a beveled front edge to avoid back pitching and are pre-notched for inter-connectivity pieces.

Since surface mounted counterflashings rely primarily on sealant maintenance in order to protect against leakage, we recommend the integral style whenever possible. The integral style relies on watershedding ability and placement of the top edge of the metal within the wall assembly, which is more reliable in the absence of roof maintenance. Additionally, proper consideration should be given to the types of metal and fasteners specified, which affect the longevity of roof terminations. Proper fastener types with corrosion resistant coatings will slow corrosion rates compared with commodity grade zinc coated fasteners. Metal types and finishes also vary widely. A maintenance-free factory applied coating such as Kynar 500/Hylar 5000, or stainless steel, will generally prevent corrosion and finish deterioration, when compared to galvanized steel.

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