B&B Sheet Metal’s Series S2400 structural and architectural is one of the strongest mechanically seamed systems. The Series S2400 profile offers a structural panel system with a thin, 2” standing seam, available in 90 degrees, “single-lock” and 180 degrees, “double-lock” versions for increased uplift resistance. Maximum panel length is 75 feet and minimum panel is 24 inches.

S2400 profile



All flashings and trim are available to be manufacturer by B&B Sheet Metal to match with panel selection. B&B Sheet Metal’s capabilities include press-breaking, notching, shearing, welding and much more. Shop drawings of flashing details are available upon request. B&B Sheet Metal can provide assistance to typical flashing standards and conditions. For more information of details of flashings and trim contact us directly.


The Metal Man 2E electric seamer is design for 2” S2400/S2500 panels and will form either 90 or 180 degrees. The Metal Man 2E is the only seamer to be able to handle 22ga material with heavy duty 6” stainless steel clip. The electric seamer is capable of upward handling for tight spaces and walls. Electric seamers are available for purchase or rental for all standing seam installation project. Contact B&B Sheet Metal for more information or assistance on electric seamers.


Designed to accommodate arched canopies and walkway covers, B&B Sheet Metal’s curved version of the popular S2400 profile meets the needs of today’s architects. The curved S2400 system, at 2” tall can be reduced to a minimum radius of 118” in aluminum or steel. The 2” profile can be locked with a 90° fold. Panel widths are infinitely adjustable from 12” to 18.” S2400 standing seam panels can be curved in the field or at B&B Sheet Metal’s factory depending on the radius and length. For more details about our capabilities, please contact us directly.


The Series S2400 panel system also available at 1-1/2” may be specified for application over solid deck, 1/2” plywoodor 22 gauge metal deck with 2 layers of 15# felt or 1 layer of 30# felt, minimum pitch 1/2” and Series S2400 2” may be specified for application over open 16 gauge purlins at 4’-0” on center, minimum pitch 1:12 up to 75 feet panel lengths (specify as required). For tight radius curving, use C2400 system; contact B&B Sheet Metal for details on mechanical seamers.
Finish & Color Availability


  • .032 Kynar Aluminum
  • 24ga and 22ga Kynar Steel
  • Galvalume Plus
  • 16oz and 20oz Copper
  • .032 Mill Finish Aluminum
  • 26ga, 24ga and 22ga Galvanized
Finish & Color Availability


  • Structural
  • Architectural detail capability
  • Tight radius curving capacity
  • Shallow slope (less than 3:12)
  • Narrow seam
  • Wide seam
  • Flush seam
  • Snap-lock seam
  • Mechanical seam
  • Good transition for mansard or fascia
  • UL-90 Tested
  • Florida Building Code Compliant
  • ASTM water & air infiltration tested
  • Dade County Tested
  • ASTM E-84 Tested
  • ASTM E-1592 Tested
  • Weathertightness warranties
  • FM Tested

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