Ledge Flashings

Ledge Flashings are eponymic for their essential function: covering a ledge.

A Ledge Flashing is a great way to guard against an otherwise defenseless joint. They can also make basements safer and drier with waterproofing systems and basement products for lower level structures.

Ledge Flashing ALedge Flashing A profile

Ledge Flashings comprise a combination of a coping and a base flashing. They are used to cap the ledge that extends away from the wall. Additionally, they provide a back section to the wall creating a water tight seal.

A Ledge Flashing is a hybrid between copings and base flashings, capping the ledges that protrude from the wall.

Ledge Flashing BLedge Flashing B profile

Ledge Flashing B does not have a drip kick; rather, it has a continuous cleat to facilitate easy (and fast) installation.

The Ledge Flashing B facilitates quick and simplified installation, with results that are a real crowd pleaser. The continuous cleat is actually quite neat, and at a price you can’t beat.

Ledge Flashing CLedge Flashing C profile

Ledge Flashing C comes with a cleat that extends 1 inch away from the ledge.

A Ledge Flashing C is an excellent way to bring sanity to the chaos created by the vulnerable ledge joint.

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  • Can be fabricated in different materials, please contact B&B Sheet Metal
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