Base Flashings

Base Flashings are the portion of a flashing attached to or resting on the deck to direct the flow of water onto the roof covering.

A Base Flashing consist of piles of roof membrane material used to seal a roof at the vertical plane intersections, such as at a roof-wall and roof-curb junctures.

Base Flashing ABase Flashing A profile

Base Flashings are typically angles that are used for attaching roofing materials to as well as capping the top to ensure that the base of the roof is secured. It also allows for the expansion and contraction of the roof and wall. We recommend using a metal primer before installing the roofing materials to the base of the base flashings. This will allow the parts to stick and not break away over time. We offer any style base flashing available.

A Base Flashing is located at the joint between a roofing surface and an intersecting vertical surface, such as a wall or a parapet.

Base Flashing BBase Flashing B profile

A Base Flashing B has a cant bent in the middle. This style keeps water away from the wall, which is one of the most vulnerable spots.

Base Flashing B is a great way to prevent leakage.

Base Flashing CBase Flashing C profile

A Base Flashing C maintains a return bend on the bottom responsible for directing water to the gutter. This style is most commonly used on Spanish tile roofs.

A Base Flashing C is used to channel water to the gutter for consequent disposal.

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