Flange Back 6K Gutter

The Flange Back 6K Gutter is a seamless gutter that can be manufactured up to 26 feet in length. Our technicians specifically taper the back wall to control the flow of water. When the gutter is specified to pitch either right or left it is from the top view of the roof.

The Flange Back Gutters are a revolutionary gutter system allowing you to control water flow and also eliminate the possibility for water to get behind the gutter if the tube freezes in the winter. If the tube was to clog then the water would either back up onto the roof or would overflow towards the front. However, it would not get behind the gutter as it had in the past with a typical gutter and drip cap system.
Another asset of this system is that the wall height is completely customizable. This controls the flow of water towards the drains and also can make the gutter sit perfectly on the ledge, sill or any other job condition. It also eliminates the gaps that would occur under the gutter possibly creating wind driven vulnerabilities.

It is beneficial to use this type of gutter for all commercial applications because of the simple installation and the longer lengths which help avoid possible failure points.



  • Can be fabricated in different materials, please contact B&B Sheet Metal