Reglet Counter Flashings

Reglet Flashings are grinded into the reglet using a handheld grinder. Although this is a dusty and messy process, once it is complete, the flashing looks like a through wall flashing. This extra step is done solely to improve the appearance and does not offer any additional functional benefits.

A Reglet Flashing is a capping piece that is tucked into a joint and grinded into a mortar joint above the desired course of bricks. Although it is not a true through wall flashing, it only requires grinding the mortar joint as against taking out a course of bricks; thus it is an economical choice when appearance is the biggest concern.

Reglet Counter Flashing AReglet Counter Flashing A profile

Reglet Counter Flashing A has a cut into brick and goes straight down, thus producing a flat strip along the entire wall.

Easiest Installation of the all the counter flashings offered.

Reglet Counter Flashing BReglet Counter Flashing B profile

Reglet Counter flashing B kicks out and then back in, creating a spring-like effect that enables the piece to hug the wall tighter.

The Reglet Counter flashing diverts water to the base flashing, which, in turn, diverts it to the composition flashing. The base flashing is designed to accommodate building movement.

Reglet Counter Flashing CReglet Counter Flashing C profile

Reglet Counter Flashing C has an outward kick that runs water away from the wall and then kicks back down: forming a spring-like effect.

The Reglet Counter flashing has a spring-kick in order to provide the most water-tight penetration.

Reglet Counter Flashing DReglet Counter Flashing D profile

Reglet Counter Flashing D expands away from the wall for extra coverage and joint protection.

This joint protection protects the critical juncture effectively.

2 Piece Reglet Counter Flashing2 Piece Reglet Counter Flashing profile

2 Piece Reglet Counter Flashings are designed for the 2 pieces of the system to be installed at different stages of the installation, allowing for flexibility.

When installing 2 piece counter flashings, you can be assured that the ends are designed to slide into each other, thereby providing a clean connection. We also make pre-fabricated miters to allow for a smoother installation.

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  • Can be fabricated in different materials, please contact B&B Sheet Metal
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