Full Louver Dormers

A Decorative Sloped Roof Louver/Dormer is an excellent way to add to the aesthetic value of the structure, while providing the capacity to improve the lifespan of the building as well. One can opt to add either vents or windows to the piece, which allow for reduced condensation and constant airflow exchange, respectively.

Arch Top Full Louver Dormer

Arch Top Full Louver Dormers are an attractive way to accessorize your structure. These structures are hot these days, but they are also cool because whether they are matched with glass or vent slabs, they act as more than Miss America; they act as Einstein as well. These structures help to control concealed problems in the roof system that are just waiting to disclose themselves with disastrous consequences. Namely, this type of Full Louver Dormer attacks the accrual of mildew, which is both damaging and can cause health problems. It also assists in combating premature deterioration of the roof system.

Birdhouse Full Louver Dormer

Birdhouse Full Louver Dormers are best summed up as follows: if you can sketch it, we will perfect it. Fax over your custom designs to B&B and we will make your wildest louver dormer dreams become a reality.

Dog House Full Louver Dormer

Dog House Full Air Vent maintain a “Fido” effect at their V-shaped top. This style helps to accentuate the style of the house, and complements a traditional look to a tee. Its beauty is almost matched by its grace, since this hungry helper assists in keeping the roof structural sound while raising the volume of the roof’s elegance. This type of roof louver dormer possesses circulatory benefits, which in colder climates can cause frost to form on the bottom of the roof deck; thus causing a deleterious condition known as “dry rot.”

Dolphin Full Louver Dormer

The Dolphin Full Dormer Louver presents the entree of a bold design to abstract your facade into utter excellence.

Eyebrow Full Louver Dormer

Eyebrow Full Louver Dormers are named after their eyebrow shaped face. They are made in house with hassle-free drop-in units and are fully customizable to meet your exact specifications.

F.I.S.H. Full Louver Dormer

The F.I.S.H. Louver Vent is the creation of Bob Senior. Although the acronym is one of B&B’s best kept secrets, the design gives itself away; it is hard to attain perfection, but we’re pretty darn close.

Half Round Full Louver Dormer

Half Round Roof Dormer Vent have a round shaped protruding face. Their 3-dimensional character provides them with extra leverage to improve ventilation by catching the breeze to divert it into flat planed areas.

Pyramid Full Louver Dormer

Pyramid Copper Dormers provide a tried and true style with top of the line materials and impeccable craftsmanship.

Round Top Full Louver Dormer

Round Top Gable Louver Dormers are framed inserts with slanted slabs shaped in a protruding half round shape. Their 3-dimensional shape is effective on flat planes to catch the breeze.

Triangular Gable Full Louver Dormer

Triangular Gable Louvers Full Dormers have a triangular shaped face. These wind catchers boast an architecture similar to the great pyramids of Egypt.

Triangular Top Full Louver Dormer

Triangular Top Louvers Full Dormers combine urbane sophistication with practicality. This prominent design has resemblance of the exceeding quality maintained by B&B’s product line. Mix and match, from vents to glass — and a rainbow of colors and fine menu of materials to choose from.

Finish & Color Availability


  • 16oz and 20oz Copper
  • 16oz and 20oz Lead Coated Copper
  • 16oz and 20oz Evergreen Copper
  • 16oz and 20oz Freedom Gray (Zinc Coated Copper)
  • 26ga and 24ga Galvanized Steel
  • 26ga Terne Coated Stainless Steel
  • 26ga and 24ga Stainless Steel
  • .032, .040, .050 and .063 Mill Finish Aluminum
  • .032, .040, .050 and .063 Kynar*500: Aluminum
  • 24ga and 22ga Kynar*500: Galvanized Steel
Finish & Color Availability