Coping Flashings

Smooth Coping Flashings

Smooth Flashings are available in 120 inch long pieces and are easier to install then the 3-way Z-form styles. Smooth Flashings are also more economical per square foot because they are not as difficult to make as the 3-way Z-form flashings. Smooth Coping Flashings are usually made to cover the entire width of the parapet wall with only a half-inch kick sticking out on each end, as seen in style A.

Z Form Coping Flashings

Z Form Coping Flashing are a through wall flashing that is set under the coping stones. It is an insert member that is formed of gauge/materials and is specifically designed to hermetically snap-lock into the receiver portion and provide a hug against the base flashing.

Through-Wall Coping Metal Flashing AThrough-Wall Coping Metal Flashing A (profile)

Coping Flashing A is designed to cover the entire breadth of the parapet wall with its half inch kick. Masonry wall protection systems for every application!

Smooth Coping Style BSmooth Coping Style B profile

These two piece coping metal flashings are available in ten foot pieces. Like all of our two piece style flashings this style is interfitting so that they are easily installed without the need for metal knowledge that is required by some of our competitors’ systems. These wall flashings are most common in stainless steel and copper.

3-Way Bonding Coping Metal Flashing A3-Way Bonding Coping Metal Flashing A profile

A Z Form Coping Flashing A is great for combating leakage at vulnerable joints.

3-Way Bonding Coping Metal Flashing B3-Way Bonding Coping Metal Flashing B profile

A Z Form Coping Flashing B is designed to seal the deal and keep the structure sound and waterproof.

Finish & Color


  • Can be fabricated in different materials, please contact B&B Sheet Metal
Finish & Color