Apron Flashings

Apron Flashings are located at the low end of a curb or penetration. This type of flashing makes a water tight junction, basically forming a right angle which starts up behind the cladding, comes down and out and over the roof. In the case of shingles, it comes out in between shingles.

An Apron Flashing diverts moisture and is used at junctions between roofs and walls.

Apron Angle FlashingApron Angle Flashing profile

Apron “Angle” Flashings are one piece L-shaped flashings, usually on the lower side of a chimney. They are a combination base and cap flashing that are usually installed behind the siding and caps and over the sloped roofing materials.

An Apron Flashing is responsible for diverting water from a vertical surface into a gutter system. Our standard apron is made with a half inch kick, bent ever so slightly downward to provide a snug tight fit.

Apron Inverted FlashingApron Inverted Flashing profile

Apron Inverted Flashings maintain an inverted “V” groove down the center of the valley.

An Apron Inverted Flashing maintains a contoured inverted curvature at the point where the right angle would normally form.



  • Can be fabricated in different materials, please contact B&B Sheet Metal