Gravel Stop Flash Systems

Gravel Stop Systems are specifically designed to prevent loose aggregate debris from washing off the roof. Additionally, they provide a continuous finished edge for the roofing.

A Gravel Stop System is a proactive way to keep the maintenance life of your roof at an optimum. This system is synonmous with roof system longevity attributed to its unique and praiseworthy pesky-problem-removing power.

Continuous Cleat Metal Gravel Stop

The Continuous Cleat Metal Gravel Stop System are hooked onto the cleat and fastened through the nailing flange. Concealed splice plates are used for a neat water tight connection.

B&B Sheet Metal makes a Continuous cleat gravel stop system that is applied by first connecting the continuous cleat. B&B gravel stops can be made in Copper, LCC, Stainless Steal, Terne Coated Stainless Steel, Freedom Grey and Kynar. We also offer a Standard Style Gravel Stop System which requires no cleat and is appropriate for standard jobs.

Standard Style Metal Gravel Stop SystemStandard Style Metal Gravel Stop System profile

Standard Style Metal Gravel Stop System consists of a flanged metal strip used to prevent gravel or loose surfacing from washing off a roof and causing structural harm as well as potential physical injury to any passersby. This overhang helps to stop and collect any debris.

Finish & Color


  • Can be fabricated in different materials, please contact B&B Sheet Metal
Finish & Color