Half Round Gutter System & Accessories

Traditional Gutters are k-style and half round. They are very common and help to maintain a low cost keep a project within budget.

Traditional Gutter systems comprise the tried and the true designs in roofing history. These systems have demonstrated industrial excellence and have been rewarded by their tradition of responsible performance.

Half Round Copper Gutter System & Accessories

Half Round Gutters

Half Round Copper Gutters are the preferred gutter system for Spanish, Tuscan, and modern style homes. However, it may also be used to industrial and office building applications because of its clean and smooth shape and practicality.

A Copper Half Round Gutter is semicircular. B&B Sheet Metal roll forms 5″ x 6″ Half Round Copper Gutters to match the traditional style half round with the rolled front bead. We also hand make 4″, 7″ and 8″ Half Round Copper gutters in 10ft pieces. We can match virtually any profile gutter with a front roll.

Half Round Elbow - 72 Degrees

Half Round Elbow curves at a 72 degree angle for optimal hinge joint functionality for your roofing system. This piece is used to angle the direction of the water away from the wall.
A Half Round Elbow is a fitting that’s open on both sides to curve the direction of the water.

Half Round Fascia #10 Combo Hanger

The Half Round Fascia #10 Combo Hanger is great for both commercial and residential gutter hanging applications. It’s sturdy design and fortitude of steel material permits great gauge capacity.
The Half Round Hanger features tensile strength and sleek design to withstand the pressure emanating from heavy gutter flow.

Half Round Gutter Outlet

Half Round Gutter Outlets demonstrate flow control at critical junctures.

To ensue that the collection gutters have sufficient flow capacity, proper gutter outlets are crucial. As well as affecting the flow rates entering the drainage system pipework, the outlet depths also affect the upstream gutter depths.

Half Round Miter Inside Corner

Half Round Miter Inside Corner is used employed when the corner of the roof forms a hip. They are riveted to the gutter.
Half Round Miter Inside Corners is comprised of 2 pieces of half round gutter that are seamed together and are used at 90 degree corners on the roof.

Half Round Miter Outside Corner

Half Round Outside Miters are used if the corner of the roof forms a hip. This design is intended to be matched with its sister half round products.

Half Round Stop End Caps

Stop End Caps are flat formed pieces that are placed at the left end or right end of a gutter section.
Stop End Caps end the guttural run and allow the water to flow back to its source.



  • 16oz and 20oz Copper
  • 16oz and 20oz Lead Coated Copper
  • .032 Baked Enamel Bronze/White/Gloss White