Coping Flash Systems

Coping Systems typically work on a similar spring design as fascia systems. After the membrane/flashing is installed properly (up, over, and down the face of the parapet wall), spring clips are attached to the face and top of the parapet, and the colored cover is snapped in place.

A Coping System is one of several roof edge system designs to choose from. There are a number of systems that offer attractive, wind and water resistant, agency approved, factory produced systems. These systems are included in the roof systems guarantees offering edge-to-edge single source responsibility.

Continuous Cleat Metal Coping SystemContinuous Cleat Metal Coping System profile

Continuous Cleat Coping System is used to secure the gutter lining in place. The top of the rear edge of the gutter lining must be higher than the front edge to prevent potential leaks into the building.

Our Continuous Cleat Coping System gives you the ultimate application specs. With a continuous cleat attached to the outside of a parapet wall, the coping system hooks onto, then fastens through the inside leg of the coping. Once installed, the entire coping system provides a water-tight fit without any exposed fasteners on the outside of the building.

Form Tyte Metal Coping SystemForm Tyte Metal Coping System profile

Form Tyte Metal Coping System features a center support and a closed cell neoprene spacer. This is the most effective way to protect a concrete coping.

The system features a center support bridge and special closed cell neoprene spacer. Together they provide strength, support and a snap tight positive compression fit. Once installed, the entire coping system provides a water tight fit without any exposed fasteners. It is available with a full complement of necessary accessories.

Spring Lock Metal Coping SystemSpring Lock Metal Coping System profile

Spring Lock Copings save you time and money because of the easier installation along with smart design which capitalizes on cost-conscious materials. It also features an appealing finish, thereby hiding all exterior fasteners.

The system features two 20 gauge galvanized spring cleats and one concealed splice plate. Once installed, the entire coping system provides a watertight fit without any exposed fasteners.

Standard Metal Coping SystemStandard Metal Coping System profile

This Standard Metal Coping System is the architectural solution when providing a weatherproof, attractive, and easily installed finish to parapet and perimeter walls, columns and piers.

The system features a standard coping cap (without any cleats) that is fastened by screwing through the side walls of the coping caps. Once installed, the entire coping system provides a watertight fit with exposed fasteners.

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