The Bermuda roof panel can be easily installed from eave to ridge with concealed fasteners and clips. The panel is an interlocking horizontal metal roof panel and wall panel that will produce the old world appearance of Bermuda architecture and the delicate aesthetic appeal of a horizontal line.
B&B Sheet Metal’s bermuda roof panel can be installed over solid substrate or vertical framing. Use of this panel over vertical framing would eliminate the need for additional hat channel framing. This product can be manufactured in full lengths, eliminating interruptions and hidden splices.
It is lightweight, allowing installation over an existing roof without the need of tear-off and disposal (subject to local codes). The Bermuda Roof Panel has a 1” high butt and an exposure of 11” with its shingle lapped interlocking seams can provide superior water-resistance on walls or roof applications. An optional vinyl weatherseal provides leak-free, watertight performance for both residential and commercial applications. Typical applications for the Bermuda roof panel are roofs, fascia or mansard and as siding, for either commercial, residential, remodeling or new construction buildings with a minimum pitch of 3:12; also suitable for walls, and mansards. The use of underlayment is required.




All flashings and trim are available to be manufacturer by B&B Sheet Metal to match with panel selection. B&B Sheet Metal’s capabilities include press-breaking, notching, shearing, welding and much more. Shop drawings of flashing details are available upon request. B&B Sheet Metal can provide assistance to typical flashing standards and conditions. For more information of details of flashings and trim contactus directly.


Bermuda roof panel system may be specified for application over solid deck, 1/2” plywood or 22 gauge metal deck with 2 layers of 15# felt or 1 layer of 30# felt, minimum pitch of 3:12; 2 layers for of 30# felt for roof slopes of 1:12 – 3:12 pitch in moderate climates (contact B&B Sheet Metal). Grace ice and water shield underlayment to be used on all curved applications and on low (less than 1:12) slope or complex roofs per B&B Sheet Metal recommendation. Ensure felt install horizontally, starting at eave to ridge with 6” minimum overlap and 18” endlaps; all nails heads are totally flush with the substrate and shall be galvanized roofing nails with coated felt caps. Install panels in such a manner that horizontal lines are true and level and vertical lines are plumb. Do not allow panels or trim to come into contact with dissimilar materials. The panel design secures the female interlock hem into the male leg continuously, lending structural characteristics to apply it over the open rafters or substrate by concealed clips allowing unrestricted thermal contractions of the panel and at the same time concealing the fastener from corrosion. Attachment to solid sheathing with concealed 1-1/4” long galvanized ring shank roofing nails and anchor clips spaced at 20” on center. Optional sealant assures greater watertightness.
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  • .032 and .040 Kynar Aluminum
  • 24ga and 22ga Kynar Steel
  • Galvalume Plus
  • 16oz and 20oz Copper
  • .032 and .040 Mill Finish Aluminum
  • 26ga, 24ga and 22ga Galvanized
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