Our Shop

CNC Panel Builder Machine

We have the most advance composite panel cutting machinery in our facility. It can cut any costumed panel size to meet your requirement with the help of our management team.
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Computerized Press Brakes

We use computerized brakes to meet the needs of all of our customers. Our 26 ft computerized blue brake and new corrugated panel brake are used to simplify work and complete all orders at a faster pace. Each of the two machines are used to manufacture metal roof tapered and corrugated panels and capable of bending any profile possible to suit the job’s specifications.
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Standing Seam Machine

The standing seam roll form machine is used to create all our metal roof panels at any desired width and with the help of our shop team.
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Skylight Shop

The skylight department produces a variety of skylights in your choice of material, glass or additional protective screens. One of the most commonly produced skylights are the hip vent which is shown here in galvanized metal. We also cater to individual specifications
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Dynamic Waterjet

Our waterjet cutting machine has unlimited capabilities. It can cut virtually any material up to 8” thick and still maintain a smooth edge. Along with this outstanding technology, we have a department using AutoCAD and Rhino to formulate the layouts prior to cutting. This is normally used for our louver systems, skylights, cornices and customized metal cladding.
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Sheet Metal Stock

We keep a large quantity of metal sheets in stock in order to begin fabrication immediately. Choose from our wide selection of the finest material available to fit your needs. If you are unsure of the type of material your job requires simply ask one of our sales representatives and they will be happy to assist you.
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Our Project Management and Sales Team

We are all here to assist our new and frequent customers!
Our sales department is here to assist on any up and coming requests at the front counter and rapid fabrication.
Our project management department will provide any additional help with submittals, technical support and estimating inquiries for any upcoming jobs.
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