Hip Vent Skylights

Hip Vent Skylights are the most popular skylight in New York City. These skylights are designed for flat roofs and maintain four sides and vents in both the top part as well as the middle portion.
We can provide our Hip Vent Skylights to New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ) and Connecticut (CT).

Hip Vent SkylightHip Vent Skylight profile

A Hip Vent Skylight is a pyrimidal structure that leads into a Hip Vent at the top center of the structure; thus allowing for air to enter the part.
These Hip Vented Skylights are available in copper, galvanized, and any type of solderable material.

Hip Vent Skylight with Louver BaseHip Vent Skylight with Louver Base profile

Hip Vent Skylight With A Louver Base are primary used in commercial flat roof projects. They allow for more air to pass through and can be customized to correspond with any skylight.

A Hip Vent Skylight With A Louver Base provides for the utmost air circulation by virtue of the Louver Base, while maintaining its character as a skylight. It is very customizable and can be crafted with a multitude of designs for the Louver Base.

Hip Vent Skylight with Turret BaseHip Vent Skylight with Turret Base profile

Hip Vent Skylights with a Turret Base are an efficient way of increasing air passage out of and into a structure while allowing more light then a typical hip vented skylight.

A Hip Vent Skylights with a Turret Base is a skylight with a polygonal structutred Turret Base that lets air pass into the building with ease.The four sides of glass enable more light to pass through the unit while maintaining the same size roof opening. The copper hip vented turret bases skylights are made using the finest copper available today.


  • 26ga and 24ga Galvanized Steel
  • 16oz and 20oz Copper
  • 16oz and 20oz Lead Coated Copper
  • 16oz and 20oz Evergreeen Copper
  • 26ga and 24ga Terne Coated Stainless Steel
  • 16oz and 20oz Freedom Gray (Zinc Coated Copper)