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Ridge Caps or Hip Caps
Ridge Cap<br />
Ridge Caps are metal objects that cap the ridge of a roof. They are also referred to as ridge rolls or ridge flashings.<br />
 <br />
Ridge Caps are available in standard style options in the followi

Ridge Cap

Ridge Caps are metal objects that cap the ridge of a roof. They are also referred to as ridge rolls or ridge flashings.

Ridge Caps are available in standard style options in the following sizes:

  • 3"
  • 4"
  • 5"
  • Like most of our products, ridge caps are VERY customizable and can have a quick turnaround depending on the size of your order.

    Select a Product for Fabrication
    Caesar Ridge Caps help to cover the peak of the roof, where the two angles meet. They are important to help keep rain and snow from leaking into the house and through an otherwise penetrable portion of the roof.
    The Edge Ridge Cap has integral ridge supports to effectively create an impenetrable barrier to an otherwise vulnerable juncture. When installing, don't forget to add extra shingles for hip and ridge caps, along with a drip edge and a ridge vent.
    Ellis Ridge Caps take on a style of its own with a universal purpose and function. The Ellis ridge cap tops off differently than others, but still provides an unchanging and uncompromisable commitment in warding off water and maybe even evil spirits.
    The Hi-Ball Ridge Cap helps to modernize an otherwise bland and ineffective traditional design element that has both a practical and now an aesthetic purpose. The Hi-Ball helps to cap off a ridged or a hip roof to prevent water from entering the top of the roof at an otherwise penetrable joint.
    The Insall Ridge Cap covers where the two panels on the roof design join together and are raised above the roof's flat surface, allowing water to run off without seeping underneath the joint of the roof and into the structure. Metal ridge caps provide the most hermetic seal against any and all of the elements and even have the greatest life spans.
    Peak Ridge Caps are among the industry's finest and sturdiest ridge caps. Their best in class status has been applauded and confirmed by the tastemakers of the industry, citing our commitment to quality and our world class products made with the best metal materials possible.
    The Point Ridge Cap is an important part of the roof because it serves as the starting point for protecting the home against water damage at an otherwise very vulnerable joint. Ridge caps - or hip caps - are the backbone of the roofing world, covering and protecting the roof behind the eye's view.
    The Rollick Ridge Cap is an excellent and stylish way to protect the peak of the roof while adding a little flavor and style to an otherwise bland and monotone capping. This piece is universal and morphs to and accommodates to any roof style.
    Standard Hip Ridge Cap provide necessary protection and ventilation for the roof structure. The ridge and hip ventilation is more than an industry innovation: it's become a staple of the construction industry to provide for a healthy roof.
    The Straight Ridge Cap provides the utmost protection and prevention for the roofs ridge. This type of ridge covering exemplifies the highest work ethic since its comprised of the highest grade metal materials in the industry.
    The Tempo Ridge Cap is an excellent way to cap off the peak of the roof. With its cutting-edge design, our engineers have created a watertight solution for your roof to prevent any and all attempts to permeate a critical part of the roof's structure.
    The Victorian Ridge Cap is an excellent design to cap off the roof for both decorative and functional purposes. The roof's peak needs to be covered and effectively capped to prevent seepage and leakage.
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    Copper 16oz Empire Cupola with Louver exudes a modest yet prominent design. In addition to beautifying your roof, it helps to aerify the structure to prevent moisture from accumulating and creating a dangerous and degenerative structural condition.