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Goose Neck Flat Roof Ventilator

Metal Vent

What is a Goose Neck Flat Roof Vent?

A Goose Neck Flat Roof Vent is an inverted U-shaped style, with screens to keep out unwanted debris and insects/animals.

When manufacturing oversized goosenecks we typically solder the seams to prevent againt seam failure due to weight and transfer. Goosenecks are an extremely economical way to ventilate buildings (such as laundromats) that would be vulnerable to heat build up from continuous machine use.

If heavy gauges are required for your project we can easily meet your specifications by welding the seams as opposed to using our mechanical seaming equipment. This process can be a bit more costly due to its increased labor. However, in some cases this is the best option.
What are the available materials?
Copper, Stainless Steel & Galvanized.

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Flat Roof Ventilators Goose Neck Flat Roof Ventilator
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