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Roof Edge Flash Systems
Metal Roofing System<br />
Here are some tips to ensure that your roof edge is properly installed and maintained:<br />
<br />
Allow for thermal expansion and contraction - temperature change causes metal to expand

Metal Roofing System

Here are some tips to ensure that your roof edge is properly installed and maintained:

  • Allow for thermal expansion and contraction - temperature change causes metal to expand or contract, so the roof edge should incorporate slotted fastener holes and snap-on covers that allow for thermal expansion and contraction.

  • Specify the proper gauge - in many cases, the metal specified for the roof edge is too light, leading to oil canning. A stronger, heavier gauge metal (ex. up to 20 gauge for galvanized steel) can prevent this problem.

  • Use cleats effectively - cleats are the glue that bind the roof edge to the roof surface. They need to be properly installed to meet the required wind pressures for the building.

  • Use proper fasteners - installing the wrong fasteners opens the way to a host of problems.

  • Make sure the edge provides adequate coverage -the face of the roof edge should extend at least one inch below the nailing strip to assure correct flashing. More coverage is highly recommended at a rough wall or where driven rain is common.

  • Consider the local environment - projects in coastal areas should never use bare aluminum or galvanized systems, as they will quickly deteriorate.

    Click here to see a variety of completed Coping Systems.

  • Select a Product for Fabrication
    Coping Systems typically work on a similar spring design as fascia systems. After the membrane/flashing is installed properly (up, over, and down the face of the parapet wall), spring clips are attached to the face and top of the parapet, and the colored cover is snapped in place.
    Gravel Stop Systems are specifically designed to prevent loose aggregate debris from washing off the roof. Additionally, they provide a continuous finished edge for the roofing.
    Metal Drip Edge Systems are strips extending beyond other parts of the roof to direct rainwater off of the roof. Our Metal Drip Edge Systems can be fabricated in a multitude of different finishes. Give our merchandising system a whirl and price out your next job!
    Metal Fascia Systems are perimeter guards that work to keep the hemline and overall structure impervious to water penetration. This system is low maintenance and is very pliant and easy to work with.
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