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Metal Roof Panels
Metal Roofing Panels<br />
B&B Sheet Metal makes residential and commercial roof panels available in a variety of profiles, base metals, metal substrates, and coatings. These metal roofing and siding skins

Metal Roofing Panels

B&B Sheet Metal makes residential and commercial roof panels available in a variety of profiles, base metals, metal substrates, and coatings. These metal roofing and siding skins can be used as metal roofing panels, interior roof and wall liners, wall paneling, partition panels and soffit panels. Installation is a snap with our specially designed snap seam roofing panels. Consider them for use for other less conventional purposes such as made to fit panels or liners for cupolas.
Select a Product for Fabrication
The 1 1/2 inch Double Lock Curved Standing Seam proves that the tried-and-true double lock seam lives on after 100 years of excellent performance. The double lock panel is synonymous with durability, since it provides an increased uplift resistance.
Curved Standing Seam Panels combine outstanding aesthetics and attractive shadow lines, with a leak-proof design that overcomes the water infiltration problems sometimes associated with shallower seam panels.
The A1101 Integral Snap Lock Metal Roof Panel combines architectural interchangeability with clean details and continuous seam transitions from roof to fascia, wall panel or soffit.
Tested Applications: UL-90 tested, Florida Building Code Compliant, ASTM water & air infiltration tested, and Dade County tested
Batten Seam Panels create an expression of strong, conspicuous contours, often sought after by architects for its shadow effects and urban character. The capping strips are placed into position by overlapping them. They are fixed at the top by a nailing clip, securing the upper end of the panel while at the same time allowing it to expand freely.
The Flat "Pretinned" Seam utilizes roofing technology and the laws of chemistry to braze alloy onto the carbide before it gets put on the saw.
Flat Seam Roof Panels are sold with or without pre-tinned edges. The Flat Seam Roof Panel is generally recommended for a roof with a pitch at or less than 3 1/2. When constructing this panel, pans are held in place by cleats and then seams are malleted down and soldered.
Integral Snap Lock Metal Roof Panel With Ribs have a snap-locking engagement, and a roof consisting of a plurality of panels with ribs to increase the strength of the panels and in turn the structure.
Tested Applications: UL-90 tested, Florida Building Code Compliant, ASTM water & air infiltration tested, Dade County tested and ASTM E-1592 tested
Mechanically Seamed Roof Panels With Ribs have been mechanically seamed together with panel ribs, providing a further barrier against weather protection.
Tested Applications: UL-90 tested, Florida Building Code Compliant, ASTM water & air infiltration tested, Dade County tested, ASTM E-1592 tested and FM Tested
Snap Seam Roof Panels are designed for an easy assembly. The seams snap together without requiring any sort of locking tool(s). We recommend using these panels on roofs with minimal dormers or cut up areas. These panels are very common in kynar.
Standing "Pre-fold" Seams provides a faster and altogether easier installation. Basically, this metal roof system consists of an overlapping or interlocking seam that occurs at an upturned rib.
Tapered Standing Seam Panels provide a water-tight solution at the rounded corner roof area; thus allowing a smooth transition to straight standing seam panels.
Standing "Transverse" Seam Metal Roof Panels are used where the roof pitch is 6" per foot or greater.
Standing Seam Panels on a roof system are constructed of many interlocking panels that run vertically from the roof's ridge (the top of the roof) to the eave. The interlocking seam where two panels join together is raised above the roof's flat surface which allows water to run off without seeping between panels.
corrugated panels commercial partitions structural support industrial construction projects weather barrier guard against nothing gets in

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Our Plain Square Leaders/Downspouts are manufactured with the highest grade materials and the best pedigree in overall quality. For a limited time only, our classic-styled leaders can be yours for rock bottom prices and the fastest turnaround time in the industry. B&B's commitment to our customers is rivaled only by our commitment to quality.
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This box-styled design represents a tradition slice of roofing history. This classic design embraces high-functionality in channeling roof water through and out of the gutter system with special attention to durability and a long working life. B&B's quality assurance and many accolades have positioned us as one of the foremost sheet metal manufacturers and suppliers in the U.S..
Learn basic soldering techniques in just a few simple steps! Our "How to Solder" DVD will teach you the basics and the much coveted tricks-of-the-trade. Our video focuses on perfecting form and technique in soldering to create seamless joints and perfectly soldered pieces. With years and years of soldering experience, you will learn under the stewardship of consummate professionals.
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Also available in 3"x4" and 4"x5" 16oz Lead Coated Copper Plain Square Leaders. ORDER TODAY! SAVE IN BULK!
Starting at $12.00 per LF for 5 inch half round gutter. Our Lead Coated Copper 16 oz variety are the homeowner's response to a strong, durable and reliable product. This gutter system boasts excellent rainflow control and heavy channeling capabillities. B&B takes pride in its foremost market position and in return extend our gratitude through our sales initiatives.
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Starting 3" at $95/ea and 4" at $105/ea for Copper Plain Conductor Heads. Leader heads help to navigate and manipulate large streams of water off the roof and out of harms way. This catch basin is the brain and the muscle of the roofing system. This simple and super universal design accompanies and accentuates any style home.
Starting at $9.10 per LF for 5 inch half round! The Half Round Gutter style continue to be the popular favorite when it comes to historic renovation projects, traditional renovations and rehabs, and new upscale housing styles. Our Half Round Gutters create a shapely appearance and are built with fortitude and functional constitution.
Starting at $1.52 LF for 5 inch half round gutter! Our Half Round Gutters are perfectly glossed and streaming with perfection. This traditional piece is marked by B&B's exquisite craftsmanship. Now, for our industry-leading price it can be yours for a fraction of the price while still maintaining the highest synthesis of quality fabrication.
Starting 3" $98.00/ea for Lead Coated Copper Plain Leader Heads. SAVE TODAY!
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3" outlet $125.00 each
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3" $337.50/ea, 4" $343.75/ea! Our Precious Leader Heads boast a flair for dramatics, with an obtuse and extended boldness. The brilliance of their shape allows them to make a real statement on any roofline. Most importantly, their no-frills functionality causes them to effectively and efficiently direct water away from the structure and out of harm's way.
Copper 16oz Empire Cupola with Louver exudes a modest yet prominent design. In addition to beautifying your roof, it helps to aerify the structure to prevent moisture from accumulating and creating a dangerous and degenerative structural condition.